I love taking quick snapshots like this one with my iPhone. I also love turning my pictures into cards to send to friends and family. (Send Out Cards – a service that makes doing this really easy has literally saved my relationship with my out of town relatives…)

Trouble is, until now, I couldn’t figure out how to make my iPhone pics high enough resolution to be turned into cards…

The trick is to cut the picture and then paste it into an e-mail you send to yourself. You need iPhone 3.0 software to do this.

Here are step by step instructions on how to turn those iPhone snaps into gorgeous picture cards:

1. Take a picture with your iPhone. For best results – turn the phone sideways so you taking the picture in landscape mode. If you take the picture in portrait mode – you can always crop it in your favorite photo editor later)

2. Instead of e-mailing the photo to yourself from the camera (which reduces the resolution) – put your finger on the photo itself and leave it there a few seconds, you’ll see a little grey box that says copy. Touch the box and the photo will get copied.

3. Using the mail application on your iPhone – create a message to yourself. Touch the body of the message. Hold for a few seconds and you’ll get a magnifying glass and then a little box that says paste. Click the paste box. Your picture will show up in its high-res glory in your e-mail. Click send.

4. Login to your Send Out Cards account.

5. Go to picture plus on the Main Menu of the card editor

6. Upload your photo. (if it ends up sideways, you need to edit the photo so it is landscape orientation.)

7. Add a caption, borders, whatever and then save the card.

8. The card will be available in the my cards section of the card editor.

See, wasn’t that easy. Now you can send all those great shots to those people in your life who appreciate hard copies of photos 🙂

Meredith Eisenberg is a successful virtual assistant who helps other VAs to create successful and lucrative practices helping coaches and other heart-based entrepreneurs. Go to http://greetingcardsforvirtualassistants.com to find out how you can use greeting cards to create a thriving virtual assistant practice.

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