iPhone 6 tips and tricks – From extending battery life to having a lettered passcode, we take a look at 10 things you didn’t know your iPhone 6 could do. Subscribe (new video every day!) -…
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20 Responses to 10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 6 Could Do

  • Markurrito says:

    When I owned an iPhone, I found all of these ‘features’ without any outside
    assistance. Are iPhone users really this stupid?

  • Ryan Towey says:

    Are iPhone uses really so dumb that they couldn’t find this shit out on
    their own? XD 

  • Magnetrick Skeptile says:

    Did you know if you put your iPhone in the microwave for exactly 30 seconds
    it can expand the battery life by approximately 20 hours, pretty cool! so
    glad I did it!

  • RyaBus says:

    the tittle is a lie. the tittle says 10 things you didn’t know your iPhone
    could do. i knew every thing on this list. these are the most basic facts
    and I’m sure every one with an iPhone knows this. any 5 year old could
    figure this out. i bet you felt real special and i bet u thought that these
    were really really super secret facts. lol dumb ass.

  • Sam The Neyssi Fan says:

    I knew most of these and I have the iPod 5

  • Stand up and yell says:

    Who the fuck doesn’t know about continuous caps lock?

  • Cytrem (MultiMrJailbreaker) says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy 3 and i already knew everything, dunno why iphone
    users are so stupid… my mum has her iphone 4s for about 3 years now and
    she knows how to write an email, an sms, open facebook app and how to call
    people… She is a real “iPhone Noob” xD

  • BluCubeMC says:

    its funny because i already knew these.

  • pat wentworth says:

    wow iphone users must be dumb af.. would hate to see them try and use an
    android cuz thats where most of these came from….

  • LPS Anubis says:

    We all knew the last one.

  • justcastFLIMAJAM says:

    I have an iPhone?? 😀 

  • Olivia High says:

    +Top10Media i knew all of this you can do the same stuff with the ipod 3
    and 4 and 5 DUHDOSH how many people are stupid in 2015?

  • AppIe says:

    We are too lazy to tell you this, who cares, we got all your money. 

  • Hadi Mohamad says:

    Dude… I have all these ‘special’ feautures on my iPhone 4… Cmon

  • Kyle Mate says:

    I recognize most of these features! Not sure if it’s because they’re on my
    IPhone 5S or I actually have a brain unlike half the people who buy these.

  • Olivia Chrest says:

    I knew all this stuff before. Just wasted 2 minutes of my life for this

  • Mirror Mane says:

    This video is great! Because every single iPhone user is so dumb! Want to
    know why? The things cost $600! $600! They cost about $150 to make, so
    iPhone users are obviously stupid and need more knowledge.

  • Sebastian Steele says:

    I knew all this. If been using Apple products for 8 years including 2015

  • Justin Baca says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and I could most all of these things

  • Majin Vegeta says:

    so why do make people beef over a phone a phone is a phone deal with it 


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