Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 & Apple Watch (September 2014 Special Event - HD - CC)

With working audio! Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the revolutionary Apple Watch. Alongside, Apple Pay and the free U2 album were presented. More on …

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  • H4yabu5a says:

    Is it just me or does the new Apple iphone seem like a OVERPRICED PIECE OF

  • Luke Beauchamp says:

    Apple, stop pretending you invented multitouch.

  • Gabe Smith says:

    prob gonna get an iPhone 6 plus 128gb and replace my s4 instead of getting
    the note 3. Tired of touch whiz’s laggy ui

  • Stefano Belli says:

    Yeah, Apple Pay, great feature, but… i heard that feature 1 year ago…
    it’s called TOUCH & PAY on Android KitKat, i don’t want to say that
    Google’s feature is best than Apple’s. But i want to say Apple that
    Security on both payment Application/method are NOT secure. WHY?
    – iOS is NOT free by viruses, malware, vulnerabilities in source-code* and
    more… Android is more vulnerable i know this 😉
    – if Android/iOS device is lost, ok, we should use anti-theft* Android
    Device Manager (for Android, obvious) and Lost iPhone for iOS (for iOS,
    obvious), both work with internet data (WiFi/3G/LTE)… if phone isn’t
    connected to any wireless connection / 3g data ?
    *source-code: iOS has closed source… who said that Apple not included
    many lines of code that send OUR information to their servers (backdoor, as
    well knowned) [NSA?] — Android is Open-Source, all source code is
    included in or in Google Developers website
    *anti-theft: in Android, thanks root you can integrate Cerberus into the
    ROM/Firmware… so it can resist under a full wipe
    so, Android and iOS are not safe about payments and store credit cards 😉
    (as touchID )

  • Rbkhockeyification says:

    Apple copy from Android!

  • H says:

    apple watch is gonna fail.
    1. you need an iPhone for it to work.
    2. no normal human being would LOVE to wear it when they already have a
    3. what does that mean? people keep their phones in their bags and pockets
    and don’t take them out to use?
    4. the minute people take their phones out, their watch is effectively
    5. when they see an interesting content on their watch, they would
    immediately think “hey i should get my phone out to view it bigger,” after
    doing that for multiple times, they would ignore their watch and they take
    their phones out to use immediately.
    6. then they leave the watch at home.
    7. the watch doesn’t do anything better than the iPhone, just a few small
    gimmicky things like sending your heart beat. why do you want people to
    listen to your heart beat? you about to get a heart attack soon? 

  • CDubs HasIt says:

    OMFG the beginning is so damn annoying.. just get to it already ffs. 

  • Carlos Javier Rodriguez says:

    Apple Keynote 

  • dwarfer777 says:

    $199, $299, $399…. not $200, $300 and $400? yeah, why save on loyalty
    when you can cloud our judgement

    applause it up folks, its your kids future your contributing to. enjoy it


  • RafealxPhoenix says:

    I miss Steve Jobs.

    He WAS Apple.

  • Gus Flowers Starkiller says:

    *At last…I wanted to watch this… :))*

    *Al fín…quería verlo… :))*

    Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 & Apple Watch (September 2014 Special Event – HD –
    Audio Working)

  • Richard Ye says:

    Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 & Apple Watch (September 2014 Special Event – HD –
    Audio Working)

    37:58 LOL

  • Tainted Enigma says:

    standing ovation for a digital watch? wow… apple fanboys galore this

  • iguanna41 says:

    I will give the iphone 6 a review, its cheap made in sweat shops in China,
    the screens smash the phones bend in your pocket & i believe correct me if
    i am wrong but it features a 8 mega pixel camera & the video footage
    sucks!, the Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41 million pixel camera Carl
    Zeiss lense pure view & Ellie Golding shot one of her music videos with the
    windows phone she would not piss on the iphone 6, so any of you that bought
    that over rated piece of garbage i am sorry to inform you, THAT YOU HAVE

  • Devin Rabey says:

    Hey dumb ass apple guy. The note 4 and the lg g3 andd the samsung galaxy s5
    prime have quad hd displays 1440p (2K). You fucking apple people think that
    because it has such a fancy name that its better than everything else. Well
    its not so pull it out of your ass hole.

  • Cody Robinson says:

    okay, I have to address this. why is it that android users feel the need to
    point out that the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a 15mp camera or 2 gigs of ram or
    a quad-hd display? do you really feel like that’s going to affect anything
    at all? first, think about the device you are using. if you were looking at
    a 50 inch monitor then yeah, I would gladly pick a quad-hd display over the
    standard retina. but the market for these displays are on screens less than
    6 inches. you would have to have magnification to see any noticeable
    difference between them, and retina HD is specifically designed to improve
    the iPhone screen quality, so expect even better results.

    the iPhone 6 doesn’t need a large megapixel count either, as they have
    increased their pixel size and changed the lens/aperture to make photos
    beautiful. you can’t deny the 5s had amazing image quality. honestly, I
    would have preferred a 10mp camera on the iPhone 6 for the purpose of
    zooming in and getting macro shots, but that’s just me.

    lastly, there is no need whatsoever of increasing the ram. the 5s was
    lightning fast as it was, a new processor and the software upgrades to the
    6 will make
    it even more responsive than that. the only true need for high amounts of
    ram would be for extensive hd gaming, in which is played on pcs and

    I am by no means a fanboy, but the simple fact that the android community
    belittles the iPhone 6 for it’s spec sheet is just humorous. apple can use
    old technology and make it run faster than samsung can with their new

    if you’re gonna criticize the iPhone, do it with good reason. like lack of
    expandable storage, inability to tweak system settings, can’t drop files
    into phone from documents via USB, etc. things that would actually make a

  • lecker, locker, LeuchtsteinLP! | Pausiert! says:

    Already Pre-ordered, got it beginning october :D

  • Jason Johnson says:

    just pre ordered iphone 6 gold 64gb woohoo!

  • Graphy says:

    Well, i still love my Iphone 4s

  • Olorin says:

    thanks Apple Werbung! it was impossible to see this keynote elsewhere!!!

  • Rashid Al Khalifa says:

    No multitasking really apple?

  • Kevin Ventura says:

    Can’t wait to Otterbox that iPhone 6+ and finally feed my HUGE pockets what
    it REALLY deserves :D


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