Official iPhone 6 Instagram: iPhone 6 Apple Official Video iPhone 6 iOS 8 iPhone 6 by Apple. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. Creating…
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25 Responses to iPhone 6 Official Video iOS 8 (4K)

  • Milan Ninkovic says:

    iphone is god of phones android is bad copy of iphone its slower 

  • Amira Syed says:

    Apple sucks I’m getting the samsung galaxy s5

  • Rivandeyra says:

    why the fuck everybody wants to have fucking big ass screen. 4.5 is maximum
    max for iPhones. They are not a fucking android shit with 5+ inches. They
    have to fit in your pocket and be comfortable to use. I dont want to speak
    to the TV or some shit like that

  • Alex says:

    Beautiful. Don’t worry jealous android fanboys, I’m sure Samsung and the
    others will copy the next iPhone design. 

  • SomeNiceMovies says:

    I don’t believe that it has 240 fps. Never EVER EVER.

  • Nicol Kosma says:

    Samsung and lg and htc always better! ;-)

  • Aeshan Perera says:

    Does it even has a flash for the camera

  • Robert Meulman says:

    Ugly as fuck, and fake as fuck. I liked the old iphone design better.

  • ImagineCraft7 says:

    Looks like Apple fanboy’s are coming this way, *Embrace yourselves.*

  • lovegirl205 says:

    Its like Samsung galaxy S the best phone in my opinion is huawei p6…and
    its better than iphone…

  • Anthony Perez says:

    i have big hands, but i still don’t want a tablet.
    bigger yes, because texting with the 4 & 5 is a pain in the ass, just
    don’t make it too big.

  • DrHomerJ says:

    very ugly

  • technationuk says:

    I wish the next iPhone looked like this. Stunning!!!!

  • TnJcanodezo says:

    it’s really sad how most of these thing’s shown on this iPhone concept are
    in most new smartphones being released this year and i just know apple
    won’t allow any of these awesome new features in there so called flag ship
    smartphone device, it’s gonna be the same old stuff again a 708p screen
    another 8 mp camera dual core processor and everyone will be lined up out
    of the store to get there hand’s on the same old phone in a larger body, i
    don’t know does apple not realize if they were to release a smartphone like
    this that they would blow the rest of the competitors out of the lake ? idk
    i guess they don’t want to be number one for having the best over all phone
    they rather have the same phone over and over and idiots out there will
    continue to buy it and conciser it to be the best purely based on the
    little apple that sits neatly on the back of the device.

  • ConceptsiPhone says:

    iPhone 6 Apple Official Video! With iOS 8! HOT!

  • Kashish Sharma says:


  • diuf24 says:

    Apple barely make any change when releasing new products, unlike Samsung
    and other companies..

  • ani_!tvb!_me says:

    i think i prefer the sleep/wake button on top like it used to be. it’s
    copying samsung now

  • UltimateGlitcherzHD says:

    We all know that apple isn’t going to make it look like a shitty samsung.

  • Sai Yerra says:

    the back camera wont be 13mp it will most likely be a nice crappy 6mp

  • Carlos Valenzuela says:

    I own a galaxy s5, but I gotta admit this concept looks awesome, if apple
    really does this, then it will completely win the smartphone war of 2014. I
    love my galaxy s5, but idk why samsung doesn’t try hard enough, I mean, the
    design isn’t very attractive, the speaker is on the back, the screen
    resolution could’ve been 1440p, the front facing camera (considering most
    people take selfies) could’ve been higher than 2 mp, I mean samsung is
    being lazy. I know the galaxy s5 LTE-A has a 1440p display, but really
    samsung? Releasing a better device after people signed 2 year contracts
    trusting your galaxy s5? That’s dick samsung, that is not cool.

  • Cristian de Leon says:

    Wow everything this phone has, my galaxy s5 already has it and even better,
    from the camera to the resolution of the screen. .

  • Michael Gonzalez says:

    The concept design shows what people want in their iPhone, but what people
    don’t realize is that it’s more than just a concept. In the Android world
    this is already a reality. While Apple has to produce a phone with a 1080
    resolution, the LG G3 has a 538 PPI @2560×1440. People need to wake up and
    realize that Apple is just price gouging them because of a name brand. I
    would hope people are smarter than that. You should expect more from “your”

  • Heather Barrera says:

    reminds me of my htc one tbh

  • Gabs MC says:

    The Back reminds me of the HTC one m8 but much uglier xD HERE COME THE


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