iPhone 6 Plus bending stories have taken over the internet. Here’s what you need to know! iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test (UnboxTherapy): http://youtu.be/znK652H6yQM…
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Today we will find out if an iPhone 6 Plus will survive buried under snow for approx. 24 hours. Enjoy! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techrax TWITTER: ht…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to iPhone 6 Plus #BendGate: Explained!

  • Marques Brownlee says:

    New MKBHD Video is live – *iPhone 6 Plus **#BendGate** : Explained!*

    Also a PSA: Apple just rolled out iOS 8.0.1, but is breaks cell service and
    TouchID for a lot of people, soooo… don’t update.

    Feel free to +1/Share the video for those wondering about this news.

  • Yoda on DMT says:


    No Galaxy Note has had bending issues. The iPhone 6 plus is bigger than the
    Note 3 despite having a smaller screen and the 3 doesn’t bend!

    CrApple have, once again, made a complete balls-up and they are saying,
    mostly by using their shills like this guy, that people are using it wrong.

    So not only have they ripped all their new features from Android, their
    phones also break because they used aluminium… ALUMINIUM BTW, not

  • Dangerman5 says:

    I’ve had the 6 plus for a few months now, in my front pocket during quite
    vigorous activity for most that time. No bend at all. To those who are
    still worried about the bend issue is not a serious consideration.

  • Tigran Oganesyan says:

    Marques I am disappoint. 

  • BITT PLEASE says:

    It bends but isn’t a gate and it wasn’t made by Bill Gates, so why is it
    called BendGate?

  • EasyGoingXD says:

    so apple users have to buy a case that their iphone doesnt bend…if
    something like that would happen to android phones the earth is going to
    explode but no problem at a 1000$ device…#applefansareidiots

  • Seigo1224 says:

    I have a iPhone 6 but will it bend easily like the plus? I’m scared since I
    own one. 

  • Gregory Bundy says:

    Good review. I had an iPhone 6 and I’m about as active as a 600 lbs fatass
    and my phone bent. Actually when I was in the store getting it, the
    salesman at AT&T tried to put the wrong case on it (dumbass) and bent it.
    He didn’t say anything to me but I noticed it almost immediately. I was
    pissed. BUT. Apple replaced it!!! They only asked “what happened?” and then
    they gave me a new one!!! Needless to say I was very happy. But my iPhone 6
    was proof that you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on these phones to
    get them to bend. I expected better since all Apple products come with a
    premium price tag. 

  • TribekaGaming says:

    Dumb ass, give me any phone and I’ll be able to bend it.the only reason
    they are saying its shit cuz it bends is cuz they can’t afford it and wanna
    take stabs at something they don’t have cuz they’re jealous

  • Carlos Chavez says:

    Some other weird things in your pant hahahhaha. :)

  • Diego Garcia Vieira says:

    You must be getting some money from youtube to make shit videos like this,
    right ? You basically explained what a 10 years old boy would know alone.

  • S&S Pictures says:

    The iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thin, idiot. The normal 6 is 6.9mm.

  • nickL7389 says:

    This is just a feature Apple incorporated to make it more like the LG G

  • Nkansah Rexford says:

    Ssshhhhhhh. Quiet. Buy a z2 instead. It’ll *straighten* your thigh. Trust

  • Tony Luciano Luckyluch says:

    i still bought 2 6 pluses for my wife and i and love them.. but i also have
    a full apple music studio.. all musicians have apple.. no bending issues
    for me. never had a problem with apple.. been with them since the G5 tower
    came out.. 10 years running… 

  • Team Android Canada says:

    Apple saying it’s only a small amount of devices that are affected is bull
    it’s all of them, think about it did Lou and a few others on the net
    purchase a bunch of iPhones and try them all until they found one that
    bent?….. No it was the first one they tried and and in Lou’s case the
    first and the second one he tried. It’s an issue and I just wish Apple
    would acknowledge when they make a mistake with their products instead of
    trying to sugar coat it and act like people are stupid and completely
    gullible. Well maybe many iSheep are because they just keep defending Apple
    nomatter what happens.
    I do want an iPhone 6 Plus and will be getting one sooner or later so I’m
    not just plainly bashing Apple because I’m a fan of Android, I’m a fan of
    every OS including iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10 and love them all
    for something and hate them all for some reason.
    Anyways I hope they fix this problem but I doubt they will, I’ll grab a
    Note 4 and use it for a couple months to see how Apple plays this one and
    see if they make this right by beginning to put out redesigned iPhone 6
    Plus ‘s. 

  • Carlos Rodrigues says:

    I had a Surface Pro 3 which supposedly had a magnesium casing but after one
    week of using it with care (putting it in my bag pack) it bent slightly
    just like the iphone 6… Any reasons for this?

  • IMidnight Tv says:

    The whole #BendGate thing is kind of ridiculous and Marques Brownlee
    describes it perfect. Why would you ever sit on your expensive phone or

  • Dylan Miller says:

    I’ve had mine for about a month and a half with a hard leather case and
    mine doesn’t fucking bend hipsters wearing skinny jeans and sticking their
    phones in their back pockets with half of the phone sticking out don’t mean

  • Gideon Castro says:

    twist it or twerk it? is that what i heard????

  • Luís Teixeira says:

    a 800 euros phone sould be handled with care?

  • Evin Frank says:
  • Mt_Xing says:

    He didn’t mention the structural weakness behind the volume button, causing
    the phone to bend, did he?

  • El Pollo Loco says:

    If you don’t want it bent… Then don’t bend it xD

  • TheBrickMaster250 says:

    Don’t buy the latest iPhone if you already have one.
    They’re all the same with a different price.
    The iPhone 6 is made with cheap materials, so it’s priced too high, giving
    Apple so much money.
    Idiots who bought the iPhone 6 could have bought the iPhone 5 for cheaper.
    All of Apple’s phones are the same thing, just different sizes and prices.

  • steven van riesen says:

    If i lost my phone i scream as Loud as i can hey Siri thats How i find it

  • Christopher Teran says:

    I live in Florida,I never see snow

  • NERPolitan says:

    Children in Africa could of eaten that snow!!!

  • appCCion says:

    Btw in my country they put in tv your video when u boil the iphone in coca
    cola and i was like THAT IS TECHRAX OMG haha congrats dude

  • Jordan says:

    Why did it sound like you’re about to cum at 02:48?

  • Matthewliu1 says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada and there is no snow. It is sunny outside and no
    white Christmas this year. D:

  • mauricio romero says:

    U should let me have that iphone instead of breaking it would be a
    wonderful gift for me for Christmas 🙂 

  • Dominic Lynch says:

    Wow you put down all that fake snow to make it look like the iphone 6 is
    snow proof just go buy a s5 for a true snow proof experience 

  • MisterPinhead says:

    its snowing everywhere except for chicago

  • jannis kade says:

    In scheiss Deutschland gibts kein Schnee :/

  • Ethan Coen says:

    #iPhone 6 Plus Survive after Buried in Snow ::

    A new stress test of this smartphone left the #iphone6plus buried in
    snow overnight and when return the next day, the result was surprising to
    say the least.

  • Abi Rizky says:

    How does snow feel like in your hands? I know it’s cold, but you know…
    The textures and stuff. I live around the equator so… You know. Hot and


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