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26 Responses to iPhone malware, Microsoft Office Mobile goes free, Android 5.0 dates & more – Pocketnow Daily

  • Kawshik Ahmed says:

    Lat see the few iPhone related new in recent times:
    # iPhone bends
    # Didn’t gave sapphire like promised
    # Bad Software update
    # Manufacturing cost low but selling price high
    # iCloud got hacked
    # Now iPhone have malware !!!!!!!!!!

    If it was any other company then Apple what would have happened to it? But
    people are blind for Apple, pathetic 

  • Erick Ardon says:

    Hey guys I need some help in deciding for a laptop, I need one for my
    graphic design classes and I would also love one that would work as a
    tablet and for gaming as well, let’s put to the side the cost, and which on
    in your opinion will be better

  • WDC Techviate © says:

    office mobile is not supported on all my 7 devices

  • Anudeep Ananth says:

    usage for content creation….Hell no!!! let smart phones be smartphones
    and computers be computers…..

  • Eric Melendez says:


  • LZ says:

    How do MS plan on making money on office now then? I don’t see why the
    average consumer would have reason to upgrade

  • xp0lym4thx says:

    I just bought office 365…fuck you ms

  • Aaron Yang says:

    I am a heavy user of Microsoft Office on Android phones. I find it amazing
    that Microsoft OneNote has so much features that support the S-Pen of a
    Samsung Galaxy Note, to an extend that I think Samsung should pre-install
    these apps on their phone.

  • David Hayes says:

    I use office mobile apps daily in my job. I use my mobile devices primarily
    to view, but have used to edit and create. I like it that Microsoft has now
    made a lot of it free. Thanks for the video.

  • Manuel Fischer says:

    Office Mobile seems useless now, especially for iOS, now that you can get
    iWork basically for free

  • eric toledo says:

    I haven’t used office in many years. I have it, I just don’t need it. I use
    Google Drive with Docs, and Sheets and that gets me by for what I need. I
    can use it on my desktop, iPhone, iPad and switch back and forth no
    problem. All free and with full features. Like I said it does everything I
    need it to do. I don’t do crazy spreadsheets with charts and graphs and
    super complicated formulas, so I’m good. 

  • Omer Eltemimi says:

    I own a Lumia 925.. I use word almost everyday, synced to OneDrive I just
    write what comes to my mind or I need to write and then edit on my lap

  • prince5636 says:


  • kasandralovespuppys says:

    heyy ! Congratss!

  • Lauren Rooplal says:

    heyy i love your videos soo much…<33333333333 my favorite videos of yours
    are what beauty gurus do in school because i thought it was comical and i
    really loved how other youtubers were in that video too, that video was
    really awesome...i love it <333 i also loved the Nemo Halloween tutorial u
    did like a year back ...i thought it was really well done and i absolutely
    loved how you mentioned Talia Joy ...u are amazing love youuu

  • ☯ Hello ☯ says:

    Congratulations For hitting on 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!

    My favorite video of yours is the 50 random facts about me.
    It is very entertaining and I learned alot about you! I kinda also get
    jealous of the fact you can do alot of random talents.

    I would like to win an iMac bacause this year is a pretty crappy year. I
    guess. But mostly because next year on april, I would be leaving my country
    and going to where my mom lives. So when I win, I will leave it in here for
    my cousins to use since I know my mom will be getting me my own and who in
    their minds will bring an iMac to a diff. country just bc she doesn’t want
    to leave it?! So that’s basically the reason and I know they will be so so

  • Brianna Glenn says:

    My fav video of urs is the back tl school hairstyles

  • Lauren Schubert says:

    I LOVE your fall expectations vs reality and your what beauty gurus do
    during school video because they are so true! I want to win the iMac for my
    favorite teacher, because teachers are super under underestimated and under
    appreciated. I want to say thank for all of her hard work. I mean, on a
    teacher salary I’m pretty sure she can’t afford it herself.

  • Faith Bennett says:

    my fav vid is how girls get ready for the first day of school and why i
    want the imac is because i never win anything and have barley anything and
    i am in high school and get a lot of homework and usually have to ask for
    it on a picce of paper and i have to go to the library and get on youtube
    and everything and my mom is always having to give me money and i want to
    pay her back with the laptop and maybe she will let me do my homework on it
    and i know i probly wont win but it is worth a try ps u r verry pretty

  • Kali Botelho says:

    My favorite video of yours iss the diy on the emoji backpack ive been
    wanting to do that ever since and that’s what’s made me inspired to follow
    u cuz I thought that was a great idea and after I started watching allll ur
    videos, I would want the imac because I don’t have a laptop and that would
    be really awesome.

  • Eunice Woo says:

    I love your video about morning routine guys vs girls!! And the reasons why
    I wanna win this giveaway is because I’ve never own a computer or laptop
    for my own. When I need to do a project or so, I’ve to always go back to
    school and use the computers in school and I didn’t want to bother my
    parents to buy one for me as its really expensive! So I hope to win this
    giveaway to surprise my parents and also to do more project work with it

  • Valentina Sit says:

    I loved the DIY blueberry mascara! 

  • cupcakeavi says:

    I don’t have a specific video but I love your expectations vs. reality
    videos … & I want a iMac really bad because i wanna start a YouTube channel
    and I have a correct camera to do it on but I don’t have a computer to edit
    my videos on .

  • Jessica James says:

    My favourite video of yours is Morning routine guys vs. girls

    I would like the iMac because I can’t afford to buy a Mac computer and I
    like the features like iMovie and stuff 

  • Kenzie Stryker says:

    Firstly I’d like to say congrats on 1 million ❤️ my favorite vids of yours
    is all of the Halloween videos because they’re so creative and the editing
    is always on point

  • That Bites says:

    I’m so proud you work so hard on your videos 


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