iPhone 5 by Apple The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. Creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology When we envisio…
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Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled in…

31 Responses to Official iPhone 5 Trailer

  • Ashley Gonzalez says:

    I’m getting a iPhone for Christmas, should I get iPhone 5 or iPhone 6?

  • alperen ozden says:

    jony ive’s voice is so comforting

  • Michael Rhoades says:

    Watching this on my iPad mini,can’t wait to get the iPhone 5 so excited

  • neopunk888 says:

    Pfff… nothing special its the same over and over again. And people are
    stupid enough to buy this shit-.-only some piece of shit from the retards
    from apple. Fuck the iphone, check out ikeas bookbook! Thats future! Now!

  • AkumaDante12 says:

    just to rub it in, I’m watching this on a windows phone. ha!

  • Gnot Dela Cruz says:

    “iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iphone we have ever built” .
    wait…what about iPhone 6?!?! YOU LIED!

  • x3lectriic says:

    Worth buying now?

  • CleverCanary says:

    I miss the glass pieces on the back and those gorgeous chamfered edges on
    the iPhone 6. iPhone 5/5s had the most beautiful designs in my opinion. 

  • Seigo1224 says:

    I’m getting the iphone 6 🙂 but I miss the slate color and iOS 6 tho

  • Christian Amaya says:

    I like the part when a new iPhone comes out and suddenly a non-iPhone owner
    says “my phone is starting to have problems, I think imma get the new

    Lmao! Good one. Admit it, you want the new iPhone! =) 

  • David Chen says:

    More thought was put into this design than the 6. 

  • Ernie Nab says:

    I just watched the GENIUS! IKEA ad #BookBook and then came here #LOL 

  • Jenna Brinkman says:

    I literally just broke my iPhone 4 yesterday, I am planning on saving up
    and buying the 5 with my own money. 🙂 I am planning on buying a case, and
    the iphone 5 how much do you think I need to make to be prepared when
    purchasing it??

  • artem han says:

    Fake Fake faaaaaaaaaake

  • Mac says:

    Where do I get one

  • Sir Mugdi says:

    Rule Nr 1: Never read the comments 

  • abdulla motayib says:

    My dad has 1

  • Arnold Strong says:

    Firstly there is no phone today whether it be iPhone 5, 5c, 5s even other
    phone brands Samsung, HTC etc created a Hologram feature for these phones.
    It’s 10 to 20 years away till that happen.

    If the world runs out of petroleum oil soon the new invention of technology
    even the new research of technology will come to end fast only the rich can
    afford to buy privately owned homes, drive electric or gas powered cars
    while everyone else going back to the old days using the horse, cows,
    goats, OX, bulls of bufalowe to move around heavy load because the tar
    roads will crack.

    What kept the tar roads intact were in the tar the contents lost it’s
    quality of keeping the road intact soon to worn out.

    Never know how long phone companies towards the future will last. If Oil
    runs out only the rich benefit a healthy and prosperous while the poor will
    perish of starvation. 

  • Gor Kyupelyan says:


  • robert Renang says:


  • jb0177 says:

    This was on Fox News.

  • MysterioMan19 says:

    I wouldn’t buy that, I’d loose it or cut myself repeadedly with that thing

  • Mor Malool says:

    that is so fake

  • capt picard says:

    Laser keyboard and holographic display maybe on the iPhone 10 or 12,
    probably 10-15 years time

  • Immanuel Mugenyi says:

    this is sick! (but fake)

  • RomanAtWoods Fan says:

    Hahahhahahahahahah!!!!!! Lmao I’m watching this when iphone 6 is like 2
    months from release date 

  • Max Nemeth says:

    fake the new IPhone came out and it dose not have holograms

  • Frances Hill says:

    #iphone5concept #concept #video #apple #iphone 

  • Andre Custodio says:

    mentira do krl o iphone 5 nem é assim *|*

  • Meor Hazim says:

    lol iphone 6 is out

  • GaMeTeChlOvER says:

    Lol this is fake


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