Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6. A comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 looking at specs and features including Dimensions, Weight, Screen size, Build, …

16 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs iPhone 6

  • Aca Faca says:

    S6 just destroyed apple in ALL SPECS! IPhone 6 now looks very funny
    compared to S6!

  • lewaa moussa says:

    The iPhone 6 Looks much better like if You agree!!

  • Asam Usman says:

    I still prefer apple with the lower screen resolution and only 1 gb of ram.
    It’s so fluent with iOS then any android device 

  • Presidentovich says:

    Samsung is way more expensive and it looks premium. Iphone looks like a
    cheap toy.

  • Varinderjit Singh Grewal says:

    Galaxy S6 edge is my next phone

  • Eric Melendez says:

    I still don’t understand how people think that iPhones are expensive when
    Samsung phones have cost the same for a while now. 

  • mbaziira Nasur says:

    S6 edge is my favourite.
    I just love It’s built quality and design plus the edge pop up
    I can’t wait to have one. 

  • Edward chapman-cummins says:

    My mind is made up s6 for me 

  • Francesco bisiesto says:

    Its really sad how Samsung had to copy the complete look of the 4s. Like
    literally everything. The camera on the edge looks disgusting on how big it
    is on the back. Shitty design. And if u actually compare it to the iPhone
    6, its not much better. The edge colour are ulgy and disgusting , like wtf
    is with the burnt green and the blue? It gets fingerprints like crazy after
    using it for 1 min. The software is shit , lolipop ain’t even good. So
    laggy and shit. It still looks like a child’s phone. IOS kills it. Samsung
    just generally sucks, when the 7 comes out it will leave this phone in

  • Marky Rob says:

    Samsung needs 3GB of RAM to run all that useless touchwiz bullshit in the

  • Rudy Z. says:

    Samsung galaxy s6 phone is much better phone than iPhone 6 with every
    specs…no comparison. 

  • toretto the gamer says:

    If anyone has a samsung galaxy S5 and u are are about to buy a new samsung
    galaxy S6 or/and S6 edge then please do not sell S5 because
    1) S5 will be cheaper than S6
    2) S5 is water and dust proof
    3) if u lose S5 i won’t need to cry
    4) S6 might be expensive (just guessing)
    5) u can use S5 for work or other things except games and use S6 for gaming
    and watching movies and enjoying apps and stuff.

    Though i will keep my S5 and buy S6 edge because S6 smooth will look the
    same as S5 so i won’t be able to enjoy.
    I will use S6 at home and S5 for communications and work.

  • The Enlightener says:

    Basically the Samsung S6 pisses all over the IPhone six…even though it
    cost’s less

  • Mark Gil Seminiano says:

    Nice and detailed review bro thanks I will get the s6 edge definitely its a
    new kid in town and nothing compares its eye catcher gorilla glass back and
    front and aluminum alloy frame which 50% stronger than regular aluminum
    this is new level

  • Jean Natal says:

    Galaxy S6 ganha do iphone 6!!! Mas a samsung copiou no design…Samsung
    Wins! ☺

  • adel sabhan says:

    Oh god iphone is an old brand and overrated and has 2010 specs lol 8
    mega pixel camera

    So overrated iphone is

    Even galaxy S4 shits on iphone 6 in specs
    Let alone The note series and S5 and new S6


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